Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Project #5: Supplies Roll-Up

This project dealt with using a heavier material, which I was slightly concerned about because I don't want to break this machine (especially since it's borrowed). Nonetheless, I snatched up some of the printed vinyl I got from a local interior fabric shop and used unbleached muslin for the interior, with gray thread to accent the silver swirls on the vinyl.

The result:

I varied the sizes of the slots to allow for larger supplies, but I'll probably use it mostly for my smaller painting brushes. These would be great to make for kids, with crayons or colored pencils filling the slots. The vinyl was a little tricky around the edges, and pinning was kind of rough, so I mostly just fed it through with my fingers.

For the closure, I used D-rings and a length of ribbon from my stash, since my twill tape was too thin for the rings. Overall I'm fairly happy and wouldn't mind making more of these.

xo Becky

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