Saturday, August 14, 2010

Project #1: Cloth Napkins Two Ways

I actually completed this the day before surgery on my wisdom teeth, but it was kind of late so I didn't get around to posting it.

The first way was using a single layer with a simple zig-zag hem. I used a heavier canvas-like material because I had it on hand and I figured it would hold up better than basic cotton.

Here's how it turned out:

The second set were double-sided and had ric-rack trim. I used some basic cotton I got from FreeCycle and vintage ric-rac my grandmother gave me when I was 15.

They turned out like this:

Making the first napkin, I accidentally sewed the right side facing out, so it was inside out...but I had already done all the sewing with the ric-rac, so I decided it wasn't worth ripping apart and re-doing. I just have one napkin that's a little lighter than the other. But now I will check my sides CAREFULLY before doing any stitching.

This was also my first time using ric-rac. I was skeptical because of how many cheesy ways I've seen ric-rac used, but I actually ended up LOVING it. It looks like little tiny bunting around the edges. Hoping to work with it a lot in the future.

Next project: gift pouch!

xo Becky

EDIT: I added an extra photo of each that I think looks much better!

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