Sunday, August 15, 2010

Project #2: Reusable Gift Pouch

The next project involved making a reusable pouch, large enough for gift-giving. I used some basic muslin and knit fabric to form the pouch and some woven bias tape for the drawstring. (I figured it would be a little thick for most other projects.)

Here's how it turned out:

It was pretty frustrating working with that knit fabric because it was incredibly slippery. I'm going to try to stick to cotton for most of the remaining projects.

I'm slowly working my way up to catching up with the projects. The wisdom teeth surgery set me back a little, but I'll get there! I'm also getting my camera repaired this week, so unfortunately most of the shots of my completed projects will be limited to webcam shots. Oh well!

xo Becky

EDIT: I switched out the webcam photo for one I took with my camera (right before sending it out to be repaired!)

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