Friday, December 17, 2010

Etsy Treasure Chest

via Berkeley Illustration

I love a good illustration of animals doing silly things. In fact, my good friend Tori did a series of drawings/paintings this semester that included a camera-wielding bear, an Uggs-wearing wolf, and a bowtie-wearing dog. That being said, I think it's high time I came clean about my own personal animal obsession.


That's right, those filthy little rats-with-fluffy-tails, birdseed-stealing munchkins have stolen my heart. So this week's (and the very first!) Etsy Treasure Chest features none other than my furry little friends.

via owlcove

I'd love to have this little guy sitting on my dining room table!

via boygirlparty
This is almost too cute to write on.

via Behind the Screen Door
What better than a squirrel to do your nut cracking?

via LambCandy

A tea-toting squirrel is the perfect way to bring squirrel elegance to your home. Such a cute and chubby silhouette!

via angeldogdesigns

And finally, a more subtle nod the squirrel theme, the acorn! I love the idea of hanging these up around the holidays as an alternative to colored lights.

Now that I've admitted my infatuation with the Sciuridae, what are your favorite animals?

xo, Becky

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